The Banana Box Brand Story

Banana Box is a newly founded online grocery store created to respond to frustrations and issues with existing options. Our founders believed there is a better way to shop online and set out to make it a premium shopping experience, but at regular grocery store prices. We do not require your whole pay cheque.

Leading Quality. Leading Service.

We've are building our reputation and success by focusing on quality, consistency, savings, and variety. We bring the very best to you and your family.

We are committed to to providing the best quality produces available online. With every product, and every delivery, we demonstrate our passionate commitment to the satisfaction of every customer, supplier, community and partner. To support this mission, we will routinely evaluate our services and develop solutions to meet our customers' diverse needs. As a result, we have recently undertaken a large-scale revitalization to update our Sysco Brand product designs. Customers will benefit from the high quality produces and products normally reserved for the hospitality industry, not available to regular consumers at regular grocery chains. As always, our products comes backed by our partner Quality Assurance team in the industry.

Quality Assurance

Banana Box works with their supplies that deploy more than 100 QA professionals committed to maintaining the most stringent standards in terms of food quality, consistency and food safety.